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Frequently asked Questions

  • What’s the difference between Research and Projects?

    Research means instant access and analysis of our huge SEO, PPC, Backlink and Social Signals database. Our unique method for data collection supplies our storage with continuous data about 150 billion links, 100 million keywords and 75 million domains from 20 countries since 2008. The intelligent preparation of this valuable information provides an easy introduction to Search Engine Optimization. Although our servers are already bursting with data ...read more

  • Will the free user account automatically change to a cost-incurring subscription?

    No. With the registration you have the chance to test the research functions of the Essentials extensively and as long as you want. We only limit the amount of data that is visible. If you want to access more rankings, keywords, links, or longer periods and the project area, you are welcome to upgrade on one of the software products at any time using your account in the Searchmetrics shop. ...read more

  • What are SEO, PPC and Social Visibility?

    SEO and PPC Visibility indicate how 'visible' a website is according to Google. This means, the frequency and manner in which this domain appears in organic search results and sponsored ads. Searchmetrics determines SEO and PPC Visibility by sorting through millions of keywords from Google's index. The most important factor is the number of search terms for which a particular site appears in search results. This figure is then weighted with the number of search queries for these keywords and the achieved rankings. For example: An online shop that appears in the top rankings for many products and brand names ...read more

  • How can I stop the software-as-a-service subscription?

    You can unsubscribe a booked service (individual options or the complete contract) at any time via the user account in the shop. If you no longer wish to take advantage of individual services, You login to the shop and go to "Product Selection". There you change your license according to your needs. If you want to cancel the entire Searchmetrics subscription, you can do this through the menu item "termination" in the user account. ...read more