Subdomains, Directories and URLs with Deep Analysis

With the additional extras of the deep analysis option you can not only analyze domains but also subdomains, directories and URLs.

From a certain size, a website as a whole becomes confusing. You will start to create a new directory for a community here and a subdomain for an interesting landingpage there. Whether organic, universal, or paid search: Use the deep analysis options to show all subdomains and each directory in the overview - for any keyword and competitor.

Depending on which selection you choose, you have the option of using this feature for subdomains or subdomains, directories and exact URLs!

Here is an overview of the data sets and modules where the deep analysis options are applicable:

  SEO/SEM Social Links
weekly data Domain, Subdomain & Directory Domain, Subdomain & exact URL Domain, Subdomain & exact URL
monthly data Domain, Subdomain - -